About Add More

Our offer

Add-MoreAdd More offers profitable add-on products for your store. We work with complete solutions, where logistics, support, and accountability for storage and exposure is included. The product range is tailored to your store and area, and we continuously update it to optimize profitability. Our idea is that the less time you need to invest in add-on products, the more profitable and better our cooperation will be.

It should be easy to work with us and our products, and we increase your profitability through:


Our collective expertise forms the foundation of Add More’s offer. We have many years of experience, with skills such as market analysis, logistics, exposure and store economy. Add to that our business partners’ specialized knowledge in their respective product range, and the result is a broad and deep knowledge base.

We understand that no customers are alike. Therefore, our task is to find the most profitable and flexible form of cooperation for each individual customer. In order to optimize sales in your store, we continuously adapt the range and exposure to your wishes and needs.


At Add More, we constantly work to find the most cost effective solution by for example, where possible, providing supplies directly from the production line to the customer. Our focus is always on simplicity and agility. With us as a supplier you will simply have what you need when you need it.

We fill your inventory at the start of the season and then continually restock. Deliveries can be made to individual stores or a central warehouse, as well as in larger or smaller shipments. In addition, we handle EDI and B2B systems such as B24, and take responsibility for inventory volumes and tied-up capital.


Our goal is to make and keep our customers satisfied. Add More’s sales and support staff regularly travel around the Nordic region to visit all stores that are customers to us. We offer support through order entry and updating the range, as well as sales and product training of your organisation.

Our support staff is responsive to your needs and opportunities. It is essential for us to stay updated on your development in order to continuously strengthen your offer through the right product range and service. Our success is measured by how we help you and your staff to strengthen your organization’s profitability.

Who we are

Add More AB is a part of Add Nordic Group AB.

The owners of Add Nordic Group AB is  SOS Company AB and Resultatfabriken Investment AB.

Through ownership in other companies, Add Nordic Group contributes to increased profitability and value growth by providing resources and expertise in business development, sales and distribution.