Add More’s range is carefully selected to increase your overall profitability. Our assortment leads to many impulse buys in your store, but can also be the details that complete the new jacket or jeans your customers are about to buy.

We help you to choose just the right assortment and the right kind of exposure for your store. Your profitability is optimized and you leave all matters of distribution, logistics and support to us.

Working with us is easy and profitable.



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Caps and beanies

Previously, you bought one hat or cap at a time and wore it out. Now they are trendy impulse purchases that are adapted to your clothing. We help you to build a seasonally adjusted product range with fixed or freestanding exposure.




For some a size adjuster, for others an accessory. Regardless of which, belts are well-established add-on products. We work with Scandinavia’s leading producer to offer world-class design and environmental awareness.

Backpacks and bags

Backpacks, bags  and cases are accessories and essential everyday products for multiple uses. The right bag in terms of looks and price can be irresistible to buy and carry, and we can help you offer the right range for your store.


Nowadays, scarves and necktubes are more than just neck-warmers – they have become a trend accessory that are often impulse bought. With a scarf, you easily change the look of an entire outfit. Add scarves to your range – it’s all in the details.


With the right exposure, underwear in different looks as well as of good quality and fit catches the eye. We can help you build a range with colors and designs that are tailored to attract the consumers you target..


Gloves are both functional and an accessory that is always in fashion. The product group also strengthens scarf and hat sales; together the three segments form an attractive package both for you and your customers.



Leather accessories

Our range of leather accessories satisfies both the practically minded and fashionable customer. Products like bracelets, credit card cases and lanyards take up little space in your store, but nevertheless has great potential.


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